Asset management

Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal allows you to customize assets—indicators associated with your organization's infrastructure, which are used by Kaspersky experts to search for vulnerabilities concerning your organization.

In previous versions of Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal, this feature was called "Changing organization's information". As before, users, depending on their license and access rights, can view and change information about the organization, presented as asset sets. Now, the possibilities for managing assets have been significantly expanded, and assets categories and statuses have been added for easier management.

Assets can be specified using predefined categories. You can try to add assets for which the predefined categories are not suitable, using a file. But in this case, it is not guaranteed that all uncategorized assets will be added successfully. You can also specify exceptions—explicitly specified objects for which Kaspersky experts do not need to search.

Information displayed for each asset on the DFIcon.png Digital FootprintAsset management page, is described in the table below.

Asset parameters




Asset that is included or excluded from research.


Asset category.

Available values:

CIDR—Classless Inter-Domain Routing, a subnet range.

Company/brand name—Your company or brand name.

Domain—Domain or subdomain name.

IP (v4/v6)—IP address version 4 (IPv4) or version 6 (IPv6).

Email—Email address or a mask.

Employee name—Organization's employee name.

IP range—Range of IP addresses.


Asset status.

Available values:

Sent for validation—Asset is in process of being validated by Kaspersky expert.

Confirmed—Asset is confirmed by Kaspersky expert.

Rejected—Asset is rejected by Kaspersky expert.

Include in search

Indicator of the asset's inclusion in the research.

Available values:

Included—Asset is included in the research.

Excluded—Asset is excluded from the research.

Status details

Comment for the asset's status. Available only for assets with Confirmed or Rejected status.

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Adding an asset or exclusion manually

Adding assets set as file

Changing research status

Deleting an asset or exclusion

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