Digital Footprint Intelligence

This section explains how you can view notifications about threats alerts and reports from Kaspersky for your organization. This section also describes how you can change the data you provide Kaspersky, to help us improve the reports for your organization.

You can receive alerts and reports by using the Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal web interface, API methods, or by email. The table below shows a comparison of available features, depending on the way you work with Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal.

Comparison of available Digital Footprint features


Web interface



View reports list

View/download reports

View threat alerts list

Filter threat alerts and reports by date

Filter threat alerts by tags and other criteria

Full-text search for threat alerts and reports

Export threat alerts list

Assets management

Notifications about new reports

Notifications about recent threat alerts

In this section

About threat alerts

Searching for a specific threat alert

Exporting threat alerts

About Digital Footprint Intelligence reports

Searching for a specific Digital Footprint Intelligence report

About Digital Footprint notifications

Asset management

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