Managing API token

You can use the Threat Lookup API without a certificate if it is allowed by the organization. In this case, the API token is required.

Only users with the Full account type can request an API token by using Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal web interface. If the type of account is later changed to API, you can continue using the requested valid API token.

To obtain an API token, you must sign in to Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal via your browser, and then request an API token. You can also view and copy your API token.

The generated API token is used as the authorization parameter when you run Threat Lookup requests using the Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal API.

The maximum API token validity period is one year.

To request an API token:

  1. Click the menu_user icon at the bottom of the Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal menu, and select the Account option.

    The Account page opens.

  2. In the Request API token section, select the required API token validity period in the Select period field (calendar).

    The validity period for the API token cannot be changed after it is generated. You can only request another API token, and then specify a new required date. If you request a new API token, the previous one is deleted.

  3. Click the Request button.

The generated API token appears in the text field. You can view your API token at any time on the Account page.

Information about the API token's validity period is displayed below the text field. A warning is displayed if there is less than one week left until the API token expires.

If necessary, you can copy the API token by clicking on the text field or the GraphCopy Copied to clipboard icon.

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