Obtaining certificate, user name, and password

A certificate, user name, and password are required to work with Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal.

You must obtain a certificate, user name, and password from Kaspersky. To obtain a certificate, contact your dedicated Technical Account Manager at Kaspersky. A certificate and your credentials will be provided in a secure way.

WL-info certificate can also be used to access Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal.

After you receive a certificate, you must import it to the computer you plan to use for working with Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal if you use Google Chrome™ or Microsoft Edge browsers. If you use Mozilla Firefox, you also have to import the certificate to the browser.

The certificate has a limited term. The certificate term countdown starts from the date it has been issued.

When the certificate expires, the service becomes unavailable. To continue using the service, you must request a new certificate. You will receive a new certificate and a certificate password for it from your dedicated Kaspersky Technical Account Manager. Your user name and password remain the same and do not need to be updated.

If a Technical Account Manager changes your type of access (through web portal, API, or both) to Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal during your certificate term, your certificate and credentials remain the same.

There is no limit in place regarding the number of computers on which you can install a certificate.

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