Rescan a web address browsing task

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The /sandbox/tasks/url endpoint is used to repeat a web address browsing in Kaspersky Sandbox>.


Request method: POST


Query parameters:

Expected parameters




Web address that you want to browse.

Required parameter. Use percent-encoding (URL encoding) to convert certain characters into a valid ASCII format.


Operating system that you want to use as a browsing environment. Available values:

Win7_x64—Microsoft Windows 7 x64.

Win7—Microsoft Windows 7 x86.

Win10_x64—Microsoft Windows 10 x64.

Default value: Win10_x64.


Web address emulation time in seconds.

Available values: 30500.

Default value: 100.


Boolean parameter. Specifies whether HTTPS traffic generated by the executed object must be decrypted. Available values:

true—HTTPS traffic generated by the object is decrypted.

false—HTTPS traffic generated by the object is not decrypted.

The HTTPS traffic decryption may decrease the malware detection probability.

By default, decrypt_https = true.


Region or individual country of a network channel that the object uses to access the Internet. There are individual countries among the regions through which the executed file can access the Internet.

Use the api/sandbox/channels method to obtain all available values.

Parameter values are case-sensitive.

Description of available values:

TOR—Internet channel belongs to any region and directs traffic through the TOR network.

Tarpit—File is executed without access to the Internet.

<region or country name>—Internet channel belongs to any region and does not direct traffic through the TOR network (for example, RU, US, GB).

Request example:

Browse web address:

curl -u <user name> --cert <full path to the certificate on your computer> -X POST --header 'Content-Length: 0' ''


200 OK

401 Unauthorized

403 Forbidden

451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons

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