Searching for a specific threat alert

This section tells you how to search for a specific threat alert.

To search for a specific threat alert:

  1. In the Search field on any Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal page, enter one or several words that you want to search for in alerts and press Enter.

    Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal performs a full-text search and displays results on the TIsearchIcon Threat LookupDigital Footprint page.

  2. If necessary, on the Threats tab of the DFIcon.png Digital Footprint page, use filters (filter) in the corresponding fields to refine displayed results:
    • Date—Select a specific date or time interval when a threat was detected, or use predefined filters Week or Month
    • Risk—Select one or several threat risk levels (Info, Critical, High, Medium, Low)
    • Category—Select one or several threat categories, for example Vulnerability, Malware, Person, Leakage, Dark web
    • Object—Select one or several objects associated with detected threats
    • Tags—Select one or several tags associated with threats
  3. If necessary, click the download_icon Download link in the Additional information column to download additional information associated with the vulnerability provided as an encrypted archive, if available. Use the password infected to unpack the archive.

    The archive may contain objects that could harm your device or data, if handled improperly. By downloading, you agree that you are informed and accept full responsibility for the handling of downloaded objects contained in the archive. You can only use the downloaded content to increase the level of protection of your devices and systems.

Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal displays threat alerts according to specified search criteria.

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